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Homeowners & Property Owners Associations

Attorneys Serving HOA and POA Clients in Virginia

Fairfax law firm focused on providing legal advice to Boards of Directors across Virginia

Common interest communities, like homeowners’ associations (HOAs) and property owners’ associations (POAs), are unique small businesses run by a Board of Directors elected by its members to govern their respective communities. These Boards owe a fiduciary duty to their associations and our firm provides legal advice they can rely on when making decisions that could have legal consequences. While day-to-day management is typically delegated to an association employee or a common interest community manager, having a lawyer available to help spot potential legal issues and address them before they become a problem is essential to ensuring the association serves the best interests of its members.

Law Office of William A. Marr, Jr. serves as the association’s general legal and corporate counsel, providing services such as rule and covenant enforcement and drafting and assessment collection.  We strive to help Boards of Directors identify and resolve potential issues before they break, saving communities’ time, money, and emotional energy. The Law Office of William A. Marr, Jr. also remains intimately connected to the constantly changing laws affecting HOAs and POAs in Virginia and will keep you informed regarding any change that might affect your community.

We can help you with any and all of the following:

  • Interpreting and drafting association documents, such as covenants/declaration, articles of incorporation, bylaws, rules, and regulations
  • Providing legal advice and opinions regarding how statutes, regulations, and case law affects Virginia HOAs and POAs
  • Providing training to Boards of Directors on their responsibilities to their associations and the laws and regulations affecting common interest communities
  • Structuring and operating HOAs and POAs
  • Advising HOAs and POAs in proper covenant and rule enforcement
  • Reviewing and drafting vendor contracts to protect HOA and POA interests
  • Representing HOAs and POAs in litigation and dispute resolution
  • Collecting past due assessments through liens, lawsuits, post-judgment proceedings, and foreclosures
  • Assisting HOAs and POAs in compliance with corporate formalities

The attorneys at the Law Office of William A. Marr, Jr. bring more than 30 years of experience representing Virginia HOAs and POAs. Significantly, this experience includes their own personal involvement as members of their own respective community’s Board of Directors. These attorneys know the time and energy required to be productive members of Board of Directors, so they work to make their clients’ jobs easier. Being a community volunteer can be very rewarding, but it can also be filled with challenges. By retaining the lawyers at the Law Office of William A. Marr, Jr., you will have experienced legal counsel at your side to help your community continue to grow and overcome any hurdles that may try to get in the way

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